What’s your Video Strategy?

As I reflect on my week at Webmaster World, I’ve come up with a few general thoughts and one big take away.

First off, Tim, no sighting of Tony Mandarich this year, so not sure if he made it or not.

Second, my biggest take away, is video on the internet. A few very simple facts to think about. Google is the number one used search engine, the number 2 search engine….YouTube. The new up and comer Bing has said that they will rate websites that have video higher in their SEO rankings.

Now, roll with me here, this might be a little confusing, and I’m a little tired, but now add Social Marketers into the equation.

We all know that Social Marketing is hot right now. But of a recent study of social marketing campaigns only 40% of social marketers were using YouTube as part of their social marketing strategy.

So whats that mean? Let me recap, YouTube second most commonly used search engine and 60% of social marketers are not using it. My spidey-sense tells me there is a good SEO opportunity to be had by developing a solid Website Video Strategy.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts, please feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment.

  • Aaron says:

    Sure, you could develop a website video strategy – which might offer some effectiveness in terms of youtube search, but bing? My sites barely register bing on search referrals.

    I am still trying to get people on my team to even register that copy needs to be clear, effective and concise so that people will find us via regular search.

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