Twitter Strategy Part 1

Twitter has quickly become one of the most valuable tools in a social media strategy. Twitter allows companies to listen in and contribute to public conversations to attract new consumers and enhance relationships with existing companies. From a consumer’s point of view Twitter provides a quick and fast way to learn what other people are thinking. “Word of mouth,” which was once known as the best form of advertising has been replaced with “Word of keyboard.”

When developing a Twitter strategy, choose a user name that makes sense and is easy to recognize for your company brand, often times using your company name provides the best option. Certain cases may arise when a company would need to create multiple Twitter accounts, but should be done with caution as not to dilute the overall message.

Second, start to find and follow those that are interested in what you have to offer, as well as following your peers. As you begin to follow people and they follow you back, start a “twitter relationship” with that follower via “@ messages” think of it as Twitter email. A critical component of good PR strategy is establishing a Twitter relationship with reporters in the mass media or other important online influencers. Many reporters now look to Twitter for relevant news or information. Second, try to keep your friend to follower ratio in check and relevant. Twitter has quickly become loaded with chronic spammers that bog down company’s messages and feeds, thus making it much more time consuming to manage.

Part 2 next week

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