The Flavor of Design

I had a very long lengthy blog in mind for this topic.  Well let me explain the topic a little further since “The Flavor of Design” is a little broad.  My original intent was talk in length and detail about how web design plays an integral part of a company’s brand image.  But two things happened, one-I thought that be a little to boring, and two-I have a head cold.  So, the idea of writing a clear concise blog well let’s just say Mrs. Henson (my journalism teacher from high school) would have the need for an extra red pen for all the grammar and typo issues.

Instead I thought I would show how you can have the same category, Cosmetic Surgery. and have two completely different flavors of design.

The first one is “Bellissa” for a surgeon with UW Health Partners.

The second is for Robert Paresi M.D


Same category but two vastly different designs.  Which do you prefer and why?


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