The Death of Dial-Up

It’s true. I declare it so! Or I “rant” it so! Dial-up is dead.

The other day, I was sitting in a meeting discussing ideas on improving a companies website. The client who shall remain nameless was concerned that some of the ideas we were talking about doing would not work well on a dial up connection. Furthermore, he knew that his main users were “old school” construction guys that if they did get online would be a dial up connection.

Sometimes, I’m evil, okay maybe that’s a bit much, how about “devilish”? Yeah that’s better. Anyways, I’m a webstats geek. I look at and analyze webstats all the time. And I just couldn’t resist once he said that he was positive that the majority of his users were on dial-up. I hollered at Ellie in the other room to pull up his webstats and bring me the percentage of users who entered his website via dial-up over the past year. After a minute, Ellie brought in a very official sticky note with 1.8% dial up users. We all laughed, including the client, and he said “I guess we don’t have to worry about dial-up anymore.”

  • Aaron says:

    Haha, I totally feel you on that one! Dial-up is ancient.

    Actually the true nemesis now is satellite. Satellite internet is AWFUL – true it may deliver big burst packets, but the latency is just downright depressing.

    Nice job pulling out the webstats to really show your point though – I’ve just started realizing how effective it is to point to your numbers and be like: ‘see? 80% of our hits come from google – not yahoo!’.

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