Targeted Web Campaign-Orthopedic Practice

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again again again…(ok sorry you get the idea)  I LOVE WEBSTATS!!!  Yes, it’s true I love webstats and so should you.  Just wanted to post a quick rant today, a few months ago we started a web campaign for an Orthopedics practice.  In addition to organic search, we did targeted display ads, facebook ads and search engine ads.  Oh and some good ole remarketing (or as I like to call it online stalking).

I’ve been monitoring the weekly reports and love to watch: people making phone calls, filling out the online become a patient form, contact us for more information.  All great forms of watching ad dollars being converted into new patients.

But here is the icing on the cake, check out the overview of the google analytics.  This is comparing the current time period that we’ve been marketing in to the same time period last year that we did not have a targeted campaign running.



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