Stats from Tweeting a Surgery

As I mentioned in prior Rants, MorningStar teamed up with the Mercy marketing department to tweet a live surgery. The goals of the Twitter Campaign was to create awareness of a new robotic surgical tool being utilized at Mercy, and to grow our followers in the social media arena.

On the day of the surgery, we had 184 new visits to and 373 pages were viewed.
We do know that 110 of those visits came through via our Twitter broadcast.

42 visits from WI
122 visits from IL
1 or 2 additional visits per state…
Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Texas, Utah, California & Washington
910 channel views to date.
1,109 views to our da vinci videos.
We even picked up 10 new subscribers!

On Twitter we produced 1,026 click throughs to various resources (video, website, photos, etc..).
We were able to see that we had 448 clicks to QuickTime videos #1 & #2 (after that we switched to YouTube).
The video clips definitely won the popularity contest! On a side note, video is starting to dominate search engines on helping to get traffic to your website. The new “Bing” places a very heavy emphasis on video content in their ranking order.

Stats on Mercy’s Social Rank
22% strength – brand is being discussed on social media
16:1 sentiment – ratio of mentions compared positive to negative
89% passion – individuals talking about Mercy brand will do so repeatedly
6% reach – # of unique authors referring to brand.
21 – unique authors
75 – retweets

Along with the internet traffic, we also received media coverage from local newspapers and television stations.

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