Social Media Growth

In a recent study, “The State of Small Business Report” indicates that 1 out of 5 small business owners now have social media as part of their overall strategy. Also, the study provides a unique look into the how small businesses are utilizing social media marketing:

· 75% have a company page on a social networking site

· 69% post status updates on social media sites

· 57% build a network

· 54% monitor feedback about their business

· 39% maintain a blog

· 26% tweet about areas of expertise

· 16% use Twitter as a service channel

The study further states that social media usage by small business owners has doubled in one year with an increase from 12% to 24%. This trend was further confirmed by “The CMO Study,” from Duke University’s School of Business and the American Marketing Association. Findings showed that companies currently allocate about 6% of marketing budgets in 2010, with expectations that by 2015 the number will increase to 20%.

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