Silent Bob Speaks

I have certain people that I admire in the film/web industry and Kevin Smith is one of them.  Kevin Smith is a Director/Writer of various films.  Back in the early 90’s (I can’t believe that’s 20 years now), Smith wrote and directed a film called Clerks.  He paid for the movie largely out of his own pocket and filmed it at the convenience store that he was working at while studying film.  On a meager budget, he put together a film that talked to a generation (albeit in a very crude/vulgar way), and launched his movie making career.

What I like about Smith even more is how he embraced the internet as his new form of story telling.  He was one of the early bloggers on the internet giving people insight into his world.  But what captivated me even more about Smith was his taking Twitter and Podcasting by storm.  His Twitter page has nearly 2 Million followers, and he has turned his once a week podcast into a network with a new podcast nearly every day.  Having these new internet vehicles allowed me to reach out to Smith to have him do our first and only MorningStar ad.


Oh and by the way he also writes comic books and is a die hard Star Wars fan!

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