Shawns Coffee and WebStats

Down the street from my office is Shawn’s Coffee Shop. As most of my co-workers and my wife know, I love Shawn’s Diet Coke. Yes I’m that much of a Diet Coke fiend that I have preferred soda fountains that I favor.

When you walk into Shawns a few times, you will quickly realize a few things. People have their routines that they are comfortable with. Sitting in Shauns shop morning after morning, you quickly pick out the “the to-go bagel lady”, “the split the bagel elderly couple”, “the I only come in on thirty-five cent Thursday special cookie day and buy up all the cookies and make Ryan angry lady.” But what you really notice is that Shawn (the owner) knows everybody, and everybody knows Shawn. Shawn knows his customers, he watches the door, learns their names, recognizes their preferences, adapts to current trends. Shawn knows his customer base.

Here’s my question to you, and no it’s not one of those easy ones, like what’s your demographic. What is you Web E-Demographic? What do your webstats look like and when is the last time you looked at them?

If we think of ourselves as business owners and marketers, we can for the most part comfortably identify our customers, current and potential.

But, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the majority of us don’t look at our web-stats on a regular basis. Now imagine Shawn hiding in the back of his coffee shop, never looking out front, never seeing who comes in, what they are ordering, what they are doing, how long they stay…etc.

In recent meeting, a marketing director and I analyzed some webstats and were able to: gather data that helped us direct advertising dollars based on where our web traffic was coming from, recognize popular and unpopular sections of the website, notice trends of when the site is most visited. This is just a small sample, but this rant grows long, and I need to go get a Diet Coke.

And thats my rant for the day,


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