SEO,Blogging, Social Marketing, and Tony Mandarich Part 2

During the web conference, I spent an entire day listening to a variety of speakers from all over the world talk about Social Marketing, with a great deal of emphasis on how to develop and manage campaigns. The second day, the discussions focused on search engine optimization, blogging, and the power of YouTube.

But that stuff can wait for now. I want to rant about what made me laugh.

The web conference is broken into basically 6 areas, a vendor hall and 5 classroom type settings. A typical classroom is set up with a stage for the speakers/panel, and then table seating for the audience. Surveying the room, you’ll see that nearly everyone is taking notes with their laptop or Iphone, and multitasking by checking email and chatting online. A speaker mentions a website, and you hear keyboards being rapidly punched across the room. As you can imagine, the people that attend conventions like this are very into the internet and technology.

As I sit down at a table, I notice the guy in front of me has some huge guns (biceps). Not exactly your typical web geek (and I use the geek term in a positive admiring fashion, especially if he reads this). And then it hits me, he’s Tony Mandarich, former Number 1 NFL draft pick by the Green Bay Packers. I had just watched a feature on him on Inside the NFL, where he talked about his business, which is basically a company like MorningStar.

At the end of the session, Tony is chatting with the web geek sitting next to him about blogging and some other SEO stuff for a few minutes. As they wrap up the conversation, the guy says his name and Tony replies “Nice to meet you, I’m Tony Mandarich”. The web geek nods and then rants a little more and leaves. Absolutely, no sign of recognition crosses the web geeks face.

Laughing to myself, I asked Tony, how often he gets recognized at these web conventions. He smiled and said “occasionally, but for the most part, the typical web geek is not a sports fan.”

Tony was a very nice and intelligent guy. I mentioned that we have similar type companies and we ended up talking for about a half hour on various topics from SEO techniques, to software that helps convert HD video for the internet. He gave me some good ideas. We exchanged business cards and he said drop him an email if I needed any help.

And thats my rant for the day,


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