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Well, I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to head back home from a web/internet convention. This is the final convention/seminar that I’m attending this year, and I’ll be glad to have a break.

Do you ever wonder why certain things took so long to get invented? Like adding wheels to luggage? I’m no historian, but I’m pretty sure we’ve had the wheel for a long time, and luggage is not a new concept so why did it take so long for these two great inventions to be combined?

Anyways, the other day I’m listening to a speaker from Google talk about the value of keeping a customer versus getting a new customer. And as the good marketers that we all are, we already know it’s cheaper to keep a customer than go and get a new one.  So nothing earth shattering so far. He then goes on to talk about when a customer makes an online transaction (this could be an ecommerce thing or something as simple as filling out an email form), and then hits the submit button.

What do we typically do then?  We take them to a page that sounds something like this “Thank you for contacting us, we appreciate you and will get back to you soon.” I do it on my own site, and probably the majority of ones I’ve consulted on or seen.

What is the magic WOW, or in tech lingo “OMG”, or like wheels on luggage moment?

Instead of just a thank you page, make it a thank you page with another similar offer. For example, say “Karen” just signed up to receive a Health and Wellness E-newsletter.  After she hits submit, a page pops up with a thank you and a special sign up offer for a new Yoga class that is starting soon.  Karen being a health nut then signs up for a yoga class and brings her friend Sarah with her.

Needless to say, I laughed at this concept, because it’s so obvious and simple. Yet it was one of the best things I learned from the Google speaker.

The other thing I learned is to keep your blogs short, and this one is getting long… so next time will be, more about SEO, Social Marketing and Tony Mandarich.

And thats my rant for the day,


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