Ryan Will Really Rant


Okay, I’ve been procrastinating enough with my blogging, and I’ve passed the buck enough times in the past year.  So, I’m making a commitment to blog this year, 52 times!  Yes I will blog once per week, and if I don’t and you catch me you may win a prize.  What prize may that be???  Well you have to read my blog to get to it (hey wait, don’t just skip down to the bottom of the page)!

Of course though, I will be leaning on my co-workers as always to give me ideas or criticisms.  Speaking of my co-workers check out the cool gift they gave me for Christmas.

Anyways a few random things that I will be ranting about:

1)  Pinterest-Social Media Watch

2)  Auto Calling to Preferred Shopping List-Stop It!

3)  SEO vs PPC

4)  Desktop, Mobile, Tablet Design

And lots of other rants.

Happy New Year,


Oh and here’s what you get if I miss a week of of blogging and you catch it.  Be the first one to reply on my most recent blog post that I missed a week, yes you can taunt me and you will receive a Monthly Email design for free for your business for one year.


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