Ryan’s first ranting topic

Alright, after years of procrastination, I’ve decided to join the blogging community. And yes, I hand picked you to read my rant! In my upcoming rants, I promise to try to be funny, witty, and overall provide interesting stuff to read. I also promise that I will make grammar and spelling misssssstakkkkkesss. So, you my friends, who are my usual proofers, please try to keep the cringing to a minimum.

In the future, I’ll mainly be talking about marketing stuff. Interesting things that I see/read/notice in the advertising world in a variety of mediums. For example, as some of you are probably tired of hearing about, expect a lot about internet and email marketing since they are my current hot buttons. My other current hot button is wondering if we will be seeing a resurgence of the Dylan/Kelly/Brenda love triangle on the all new Beverly Hills 90210. For those that want to make fun of me for watching 90210 (again), just remember I’m a black belt or more importantly my wife is!

One last note, if you have topics or questions that you would like me to blog about, please feel free to submit ideas. And if you reside in a certain office, you know who you are, please send those comments or ideas to my personal email.

Next Rant: Email Marketing

And thats my rant for the day,


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