Responsive Design Process and Sneak Peek!

Well as part of the process of cleaning up our web presence, we are now moving on to re-designing and rebuilding Ryan’s Rants.  MorningStar will have it’s own blog in the new year written collectively by everyone at MorningStar and maybe the occasional guest blogger.

Ryan’s Rants will have it’s own responsive website that will be similar to MorningStar but with a little bit more of me!  Part of the process of designing a responsive design is to plan how the website will adapt to various internet devices, from the desktop, to tablet, and to mobile.  So what does that mean?  Well it’s probably easier to show you:

Once you click on the image above, you can have a closer look at each size.  From left to right, it’s designed for, desktop, big tablet, small tablet, mobile device.  Thoughts on my new look?


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