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My blog has a comments section.  You may have noticed or not.  It’s rarely used.  I’m assuming it’s not used because people are just speechless after they read my blog!!  But anyways enough about me, let’s have some fun.  Any blog will get comments from a ton of bots looking for people to post their comments and get them links to their site.  Most of the time I just go in and delete but today I thought I would share some of the more “interesting” ones.

Comment 1)

We both had the Pick Two Dinner. The BBQ beef brisket just fell apart. It was so tender, moist and flavorful

Good to know!


Comment 2)

Brand “UGG” is not a brand name but an age old generic term for this style of Australian made sheepskin boot.

I did not know this, interesting…if it’s true…


Comment 3)

Soccer jerseys wholesale for teams certain poison or particularly curse

I know soccer fans are crazy but this seems a bit extreme!

Comment 4)

Cheap ray ban sunglasses small living unexpected

Hmm, ummm okay…

Comment 5)

Hater Hats looking at the girl in front of mumbling

Apparently hater hats make you mumble in the presence of women.

Comment 6)

Monster Headbeats are exhausted

Yeah I hate that when that happens!

  • OMG – I see those, too. They can be rather amusing, something clearly is lost in translation! My recent favorite, related but not quite, is finding among key word searches on our Google Analytics: “CEDAR COMMUNITY CALL IN SICK.” I shared that with HR to give them a good chuckle. Nice to know our staff is web-savvy and resourceful …

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