Preferred Calling???

Last month, my wife and I are out for dinner at Swordfish in Batavia.  Quick side note, very cool decor and great sushi.  Anyways at about 730pm my cell phone rings and I glance at the caller ID.  I don’t recognize the number, plus I’m on a date with my wife and she’s a 3rd degree black belt (and I don’t want to be kicked in the head for being rude and answering my phone), so I decide not to answer it.

As our evening was winding down, my wife heads to the powder room, so I decide to listen to my voicemail.  An automated message starts with “Hi this is (name excluded) and I was calling to remind you of our big shopping event that is happening tomorrow.  The event starts at….”  Well you get the idea.

It was an automated call sent out to their preferred customer database.

I have been their customer for over 10 years, but this phone message (phone-spam for lack of better terminology) really made me rethink if I wanted to do business with them anymore.  I did not opt in to receive automated phone calls to my cell phone.  Email yes, snail mail yes…I can handle those.  But calling me on a Friday night or calling me period with an ad and without my permission?!  Really?  This seems like a good idea?

And then New Years day, I receive another automated call from a different service, asking me to refer my friends at a special low introductory rate.  Really???  I just signed up for your service and now you are using my cell phone number for this?!

I registered my cell with the Do Not Call registry but I guess this type of marketing lives in some sort of weird legal limbo.

I’m curious does anyone think this is a good idea?

Please if you are doing this….STOP.  Or ask your customers if they would like to receive offers from you via their cell phone.


  • Carl says:

    Under the Communications Act of 1934, it is currently illegal to promulgate unsolicted commercial phone calls, but your politicians are hard at work to change that. See H.R. 3035 – The Mobile informational Call Act of 2011 sponsored by Lee Terry (R-NE2)…

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