Organic Search vs Paid Search

My title of this rant suggests that there are two schools of thought on the proper form of search marketing or in simpler terms “how to get people to find your website on google”.

According to WikipediaOrganic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising.

My personal philosophy is that you should have both an organic strategy and a paid strategy.  Although there are some diehard old school webheads that believe everything can be answered by good old search engine optimization that leads to an organic search.  To these people, I usually ask them to google “apple” or “nike”.  Try it and check out who is paying for the top sponsored ad on the page.  Yes even the biggest brands understand that paid search is necessary.

But what does this mean for a small business advertiser?  Yes, you should have your website be as search engine friendly as possible.  I would suggest though that you use caution from a company pushing you to focus on your SEO.  Companies that say things like “We’ll make you number 1 on Google”.  If you still have not tried Google Adwords to promote your business, give it a shot.  Make sure you do your research on the write keywords to target.  Also, develop a landing page on your website that matches the offer.

  • Tom Jensen says:

    Great thoughts Ryan. We are incorporating many of the “schools of thought” you mention. Some very strong results with our PPC program we are running with you as well as SEO targeted landing pages (with you as well). I’m very happy with the results and the ROI we are seeing.

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