Online Ad Spending to exceed Newspaper/Magazine ad spending

I don’t think this comes as a shocker to anyone, but 2012 is the year that Online Ad spending will exceed Newspaper/Magazine ad spending according to a report from eMarketer.  Last year online ad spending was a little over $32 billion which was a 23% increase from 2010.  This year online ad spending is being forecasted at roughly $39.5 billion.  Magazine and Newspaper ad spending is looking at a 6% drop from last year to around $33 billion.

By 2016, online ad spending is projected to reach $62 billion!  The growth is amazing, especially in a down economy.

Not only is online ad spending up, online shopping and mobile shopping rose over the holidays.  According to IBM’s Coremetrics, on Christmas day online sales grew by 16.4%.  And more shoppers were using their mobile device over the holidays to make online gift purchases.  Oh and mobile shopping was up just 117.8%.

So what does this all mean for you and your business?  Well I would ask these questions first.

Do you have an online marketing strategy?

Is your website mobile friendly?

How are you spending your ad dollars?

I’d be curious to hear from those who have not added online spending to their overall marketing strategy.  Why not?

Thanks for reading, and one month down!


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