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Sorry for the lengthy time between rants, just a little post-turkey day hangover and my co-workers nagging me to do work, yeah I’m looking at you Linda.

One of the most common requests I’ve gotten lately is to rant about Search Engine Optimization, or in non-geek terms “How do I get my website to the top of Google?”.

The easy answer: Money. You can pay your way to the top of the search engine rankings by doing “sponsored ads”. If you don’t know what sponsored ads are, quickly go over to google and type in “running shoes”. Notice the area that says sponsored links, that’s the paid area. I’m just guessing but you will probably see Nike, FootLocker, Zappos links in those areas and many more.

The answer everyone wants: Can’t I just optimize my site really well and it will pop up at the top. Sure, but the time and money you put into it probably won’t equal the outcome you want. Keep in mind that you are competing against the rest of the world for top rankings in search engines.

Googles Answer: At a recent Google sponsored event, one of their main representatives gave his answer this way. “Do both, you need a core campaign of sponsored ads and good tools within your website to attract our search robots. And remember content is king.”

Content: put more content on your site with targeted key words. Here’s an easy trick, use testimonials with keywords and locations.

“I attended my first Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra concert recently, and was so impressed by the quality of the music! DeKalb County is lucky to have a symphony of this caliber in the area.”

Keywords: Kishwaukee, Symphony, Orchestra, Concert, DeKalb County, Music

My challenge to you my dear readers who have helped make Ryans Rants the most popular page on the MorningStar site (Thanks Mom for reading every day!). Email me a testimonial with keywords best relating to my website www.morningstarmediagroup.com. Winner receives special mention in my next Rant! But wait there’s more… Actually, the winner will receive an Apple ITouch©. Entries must be received prior to my next rant.

And thats my rant for the day,


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