LinkedIN–Time to get Linked?

As important as Facebook and Twitter has become to Marketers and Public Relations, LinkedIn has become a instrumental and cost-effective hiring and recruiting tool for Human Relations. LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking website that allows users to display professional experience, academic history, work accomplishments, and allows users to connect with current and former colleagues and peers in their areas of interests.

– LinkedIn was found in 2003
– LinkedIn has over 70 million members in over 200 countries (May 2010)
– A new member joins LinkedIn approximately every second of the day
– Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn member

Also, LinkedIn helps establish business connections, generate leads and helps companies grow their professional network. First, LinkedIn serves as the online social media version of a Chamber of Commerce’s after hours networking event. As you make “connections” on LinkedIn, you can then see the connections of your connections and ask for an introduction. Second, LinkedIn offers the opportunity via its message board to list job postings, communicate accomplishments and share ideas. Third, LinkedIn can be used for researching. Often times, more detailed information can be found on a person LinkedIn profile then on their company website. For Human Resources, this becomes key in being able to do additional research on a potential new hires background and references. Or for a marketer looking to doing some prospecting for a new client, LinkedIn offers a great place to find out more about a company or key executives.

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