Letting Go….

Hello my neglected blog, how I’ve missed you so…or maybe how I have had no time to write…or wait what’s that on Facebook…shoot…. focus Ryan focus…you can do this

As I mentioned in my last rant, this cobbler finally got his new shoes.  Although my “shoes” comes in the shiny form of the new MorningStar website.

When I started this process, I had thought white background with big colorful images of our work.  But I elected to do something different, I turned over the website completely (well almost) to my entire team to develop.  I had to step back and be the client and not the driver.  I discussed the navigation and some portfolio content suggestions, but the majority of what you see…I can take no credit for.  Everyone at MorningStar contributed to the website.  And I couldn’t possibly be happier with the new website!

A few of my favorite elements of the new site:

It’s Responsive!  In simple terms, the website conforms to the technology that it is viewed on.  So whether you are on a mobile device, a tablet device, a desktop, or just about anything that has internet, you will get the best version of the MorningStar website for your screensize.

Mobile Size

Second, the “Troupe” or staff section turned out amazing.  Everyone did a great job with their “role” from Dan working on the Titanic, to Ellie as our Fearless Leader, everyone did a great job.  And a special shout out to Jeff for the amazing photography.

And here is a shot of me that ended up on the cutting room floor (((well almost cutting room…its on my facebook page)))

On that, I promise more rants to come, and stay tuned for a revised Ryan’s Rants blog and an all new MorningStar blog in the new year!

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