So I’m getting old…

So I’m approaching my 44th birthday, and it’s giving me pause for reflection.  Also, I’m guessing if any of my former teachers are reading this, they are thinking really you open your first sentence with the word “so”.

It’s been an amazing 44 years so far.  I have been very fortunate and blessed.  As a child, I grew up in two very loving homes with parents who supported my decisions…the good ones and grimaced and held their tongue at some of the bad ones.  I had an uncle nearby who was always available for a phone call when needed or a run to the comic book store.  As a teenager, my two younger brothers came in to my life and proved to be a driving force for me to want to be back around home after college to watch them grow up.

When I was five, I formed a lifelong bond with a couple of friends from kindergarten and we stay in communication as much as possible even given one lives on the east coast, and the other lives in Chana which I think is in Siberia but I’m not sure.

When Karen came in to my life, I knew instantly that she was the one.  When you hear people talk about those moments and wonder if they actually happen, well all I can say is in my case it did.  And I will never forget the first time we held hands, I felt this spark and was like whoa what was that…and when I looked at her I realized she felt the same thing.  It was a moment that I will always remember.  She has been and always will be my biggest fan and cheerleader.  When I first thought about buying MorningStar, I was hesitant.  I didn’t know if I could do it.  When I talked to Karen, she instantly said “you can do it…we can do it…do it”.  And now 10 years later, we have made our final business loan payment, which feels absolutely amazing.

When I became a dad and held my son for the first time, I looked at my son’s baby blue eyes and an overwhelming feeling of love came over me.  I never wanted that moment in time to end, it was perfect to have him in my arms with his little tiny hand holding my finger.  There were some concerns when he was born, so he was taken down to the NICU and I stayed by his side holding on to that little hand and telling him everything was going to be okay.  And I knew he could hear me and understand…I just simply knew.  He amazes me every day, from hearing him laugh to hearing him talk about the life cycle of the mosquito or talking about multiplication at the age of six…I still want to hold on to this moment forever because I know he is growing up way to fast and time is going by way too quickly.

A couple of years after Chase was born, my daughter Quinn arrived and arrived with a smile.  Less than 24 hours after scheduling a time for Karen to be induced, Quinn took the matter in her own hands and for the first of what we would realize would be many times said “I got this” and out she came naturally.  When she was placed in Karen’s arms, she gave Karen the biggest smile.  Everyone in the room jaws just fell to the floor, like did that newborn really just smile???  Do newborns smile like that???  Quinn did, and I’ll never forget it.  It marked the first moment of this bright sweet girls life that she was going to be special and be absolutely amazing.  Her determination showed so brightly at her 18 month well check her doctor said this girl will be running a board room some day.  When she was two years old I cut a work trip short, because Quinn needed me.  I got home from the airport and she came up to me and I just held her and I could feel her little body start to relax.  At the age of 4, she still gives the most amazing hugs and loves to do her gymnastics and practice writing letters.

So now as I sit here and write this, I ponder what and god willing the next 44 years will bring.  While I know it will have its share of surprises, I will be focusing on these things.  My family, I’m going to hold on to every second of the kids growing up possible, so more trips, more pool time, more family game night, more reading and talking…just more being together.

My coworkers, I’m fortunate to work with an amazing group of talented and caring group of people, and they make having to work so much better.  My clients, I’m very fortunate to have clients that I want to work with, and several that I have become great and close friends with.


And if you have read this far, thank you for reading and have a great 2018!