First Class Email Rant

Okay, so I’m spoiled, I know it, and I’m sorry, but I have to share this. This is pretty cool. I’m sitting in First Class! Apparently, I’ve done enough flying in the past year to achieve a new Silver Us Airways Status, which includes free upgrades on flights that are not full. And to make it even better, sorry Karen, the flight attendant just brought me a fresh baked cookie. Mmmmmmcooookiiiiiieee. Don’t mind me, I’m feeling a little Homer Simpsonish and slobbering on the keyboard as I type.

As I sit here, I’m thinking of all the different ways that as marketers we need to think about to reach our customers, patients, and clients effectively. But especially in times like these: cost-effectively.

Us Airways just made me a loyal member with a very simple move. “Ryan, we appreciate your business, here’s a complimentary first class upgrade.” A simple move, that did not cost Us Airways a penny, well I did eat two cookies (sorry Karen). So I might be a little more expensive passenger.

As many of you are aware, I’ve been ranting about building email databases for some time. A recent consumer study report came out about 4th quarter email usage for advertisers. This past holiday shopping season was one of the best for email marketers, who followed some very specific guidelines.

First, emailed to their “opted-in” list, this is people who requested to receive email from a particular advertiser. Second, delivered very customized emails, specific promotions and events catered to specific demographics. Third, emails contained a very specific call to action, or offer, like “free shipping”.

Ultimately it becomes a win win for both the consumer and the advertiser. The consumer receives the savings via the offer, or the ease of shopping from home, or signing up for a seminar,…you get the idea. The marketer saves money by the relatively in-expensive email marketing campaign.

Next rant, I’ll go over some success stories that we’ve seen already with email marketing. Now, I need another cookie! Sorry Karen!

And thats my rant for the day,


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