Want to make someone upset? Tell them Facebook is changing again. Okay, well maybe not at this moment, but it will again eventually.

Recently, there was a big uproar over the new Facebook Timeline additions. Most of my “friends” on Facebook complained and moaned that “they are ruining facebook”. Or “they are turning it in to MySpace”.

I sat back and questioned it, but I do believe in two very solid ideas when it comes to all things web: Google and Facebook rarely make mistakes.

Now that I’ve “lived” with timeline for a few months. I’ll admit it, I’m a fan! For business, it’s a great way to promote and market your business.

Timeline for personal use, well this is where it really hit me recently. For the past two weeks, I’ve been on vacation in Maui with my wife and one year old son (and luckily his Aunt Katy–so mom and dad could get some alone time). As a new parent, one of the many “warnings” I’ve heard is how fast time goes by. I couldn’t agree more. The first year of my son’s life has gone by so fast, even with all the sleepless nights! I decided I wanted to really post a lot of our trip on Facebook, to really chronicle our time here. So maybe in a couple of years when my son wants he can “flip thru” Dad’s timeline and see the amazing trip we had. Ultimately, to me, Timeline is like an amazing virtual scrap book and photo album rolled into one.

So my point…give Facebook the benefit of the doubt when the next change rolls around.


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