Evolution of the Web

For the past dozen years that I’ve been working in the web world.  It’s been interesting watching and noting some key areas in web development.  Or maybe more accurately put, the growth of technology that people surf the web with and how websites deliver information to the that device.

To a certain degree, the growth of smartphones reminds me of the growth of high speed internet.  In the beginning, we used to be handicapped in our design and building by the amount of people on dial-up.  I remember letting out a big “woohoo” when I saw the stats for high-speed cross over the 50% mark.  I knew that the death of dial-up wouldn’t be far behind at that point.  (If you want to be a web geek like me, just for kicks, look at your google analytics for dial-up usage).  We could now open up the doors and start using Flash in our development.  And Flash was great for a few years….until Apple said not so fast Flash.  Apple basically killed Flash by saying we won’t allow that to be viewed on our Iphones and Ipads.  So Flash largely went by the way of dial up.

And now we know this:

Almost 50% of all U.S. consumers have a smart phone, and nearly 20% own a tablet.

More than 91 million U.S. consumers use the internet through their mobile device at least monthly.

And 35% of all mobile device users say they use their computers less often or never since acquiring their smart phone or tablet.

With that information in hand, I know without a doubt that web has made another major leap forward.  Now more than ever, websites need to be developed cross-platform and be easily viewed on any device.  The additional challenge comes with, how do you keep all of these different “sites” (desktop, mobile, tablet) up to date in a time efficient manner.  I believe the answer is to build a responsive website.  In a nutshell, a responsive website is one that adapts to fit the screen it’s on, without sacrificing content.    Having a responsive website also eliminates the need for multiple sites and makes updating content much easier.

I’m curious to learn what happens next!




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