Blogging from my iPhone

I’m writing this blog from my sons room. It’s about 915 at night and I’m watching him try to fall asleep. And apparently trying to fall to sleep means doing head stands and playing with the pictures on the wall and trying to trap his feet in the rails of his bed.

Don’t worry I’m getting to something that will relate to my blog. But as I’m watching him toss and turn it reminds me as marketers what we go thru on a regular basis to try and think of new and innovative ideas. A few weeks ago, I was searching and searching my brain for an idea for a client and nothing was coming. So I did what anyone would do, I took a mini nap. Yup that’s right! I hit the office sofa for 20 minute snooze! And when I woke up an idea popped in my head! I was so thankful! And especially thankful for the office couch!

By the way, writing this blog from my phone….is actually pretty easy. I really do appreciate that I just hit my app and start typing!

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