Battle of the Generations

Well not really a “battle”, but I just think it sounds good for a blog title. Reminds me of a TV show I used to watch as a kid: Battle of The Network Stars

Really is there anything better than watching Mr. Kotter vs. Wonder Woman battling it out?! A true battle of epic proportions.


By now your thinking: “Ryan took a couple of months off of blogging and this is the best he could do, Gabe Kaplan references?”

Fine I’ll get to the point of this rant. One of the most common misconceptions that I hear about the internet and social marketing in particular, is that it’s mainly used by “those college kids”.

A recent study shed some interesting stats looking at Generation Y, Generation X, and the Baby Boomers.

Gen Y – 18-29 year olds
Gen X – 30-45 year olds
Boomers – 46-64 year olds

Here’s a few of the stats that I found interesting:

“I have a social networking profile”


75% of Gen Y said yes
50% of Gen X said yes
30% of Boomers said yes

Now if women baby boomers are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, how different will that number be one year from now?

“I texted in the past 24 hours”

80% of Gen Y said yes
63% of Gen X said yes
35% of Boomers said yes

1 out of 3 boomers is texting now. I wonder how many are on a blackberry or iphone? Or are using “aps”? Have you implemented a mobile strategy for your business or website yet? If so, shoot me an email or leave a comment about how it works.

“I get my news from the internet”

59% of Gen Y said yes
53% of Gen X said yes
30% of Boomers said yes

This is the one that I’ll be fascinated to watch in the years to come. Here’s my bet on this. I think Kindles, Ipads, and similar devices will become more prominent over the next couple of years. This technology will be used as a customized news source delivered to your personal reader. Maybe its a magazine? Or maybe its blog? Or a newspaper? All based on your interests and eco-friendly. Or maybe for a business it’s an E-Magazine instead of an E-Newsletter.

Thanks for reading everyone is good to be ranting again. Oh one more Gabe Kaplan reference.

Source: Pew Research Center “Millennials: A Potrait of Generation Next,” February 2010.


  • I agree people are using social networking in all age groups. Older people seem more interested in my business page than younger people. I’m concerned however about the cynicism I’m hearing now that business is on facebook. I hear, “it used to be a place to talk to my friends.” Now even Kohl’s has a facebook page. No, I havent been to it.

  • I don’t think Wonder Woman is a very good boxer like Gabe but I think she could run circles around him with her golden rope. Maybe Soupy Sales could be the referee.

  • I personally think that the oldest of the Gen Y and youngest of the Gen X, have the upper hand in all this, they are working hard to stay on par with the younger Gen Y-ers, yet have additional experience, and coaching from their parental “boomers”, it may take trial and error, but I am certain that Gen Y & Gen X “26 thru 32ish +” is the place to be. Humm now I have myself thinking . . . has anyone ever done as study on the generational overlaps, and potential success rates? Very interesting, I know other folks in the overlap of Gen X and boomers, infact I know these folks very well ; )

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