This “Cobbler” is getting new “shoes”!!!

At MorningStar, we have a long running joke that when it comes to our marketing “we are cobbler kids who have no shoes”.  Our current website is old, out dated and has been in massive need of attention for years.  But we get so focused on our clients work that we always push and push our website to a later date.  Well, I have finally drawn the line in the sand, and we will be launching our new website soon. If you look at our facebook page you’ll see that we have added some teasers of what the new theme and color scheme will be.  I thought I would give out a few more screenshots.



I know, I know it’s tough to get a true flavor from that shot.  But I’m in a giving mood so here’s another:

I know I know you want more!!!


Okay that’s enough for now, this kid has to get back to work on his new “shoes”!


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