Tweets from this webgeek at Pubcon

Recently, I made my annual trek to Pubcon to get my web geek on!  Pubcon takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center which is a huge complex and holds the majority of web geeks from around the country!  Pubcon always gives me great insight on things to come in the web industry, from social media trends, seo developments, and everything in between!  Twitter is huge for the audience at this event.  When you look around the conference room almost everyone is tweeting while listening and taking notes.

So I thought I would share some of my tweets from my week:

If FB started a search engine tomorrow, they could capture 22% of global search market @linkvendor #pubcon


don’t put keywords in URL when dealing with local search? #pubcon


@CarrieHill @brianpcombs demonstrates importance of mom and pops to develop a good facebook following to prevent being lost in shuffle


Create a hidden page on your website to list review sites to send to preferred clients #pubcon
(This one I love and will be doing for a ton of clients)


Google forcing reverification on local and places #pubcon


“google is going to make us play in google+”by @JayBerkowitz


#PubCon Insight: 3 E’s of social media are Educate, Entertain and Engage [by @JayBerkowitz]


“don’t use all 140 characters, use 120 to save room for retweets”@lisabuyer #pubcon


“develop a social media calendar with targeted sm based on days of month” @lisabuyer #pubcon


I’ll admit that yes I know my Klout score but I feel it’s like astrology-for entertainment purposes only #pubcon


Instagram has 7.3 million daily active users compared to 6.9 on Twitter. #PubCon Very interesting …


If you are unsure of what some of the twitter code means, just shoot me the question in a comment below. And I guess to be completely honest and have full Twitter disclosure in case you don’t take the time to look at my tweets. Here’s a few more tweets from the week that might not have been the most professional, but made me smile!


I’d really like a diet coke right now, anyone at #pubcon have a stash?

(it was a pepsi only venue)


I’ll admit that yes I know my Klout score but I feel it’s like astrology-for entertainment purposes only #pubcon

(it’s 53 and I’m an Aquarius)


just learned that “fu” stands for “follow up” thanks @JayBerkowitz#pubcon


wondering if the noise in Salon A, is someones digestive track from to much drinking last night #pubcon #gas?

(nobody took credit)

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