Mobile Friendly-One year later

cell phone charting explansion

About a year ago, I wrote a rant about having a website that is mobile friendly and Ipad friendly. Now nearly a full year has gone by and smartphone usage is on a rapid rise. Is your website mobile friendly? Do you have a mobile strategy?

A few simple stats to consider when you are thinking about your overall web strategy:

80% of humans own a mobile phone

Out of 5 billion phones in the world 1 billion are smartphones

9 out of 10 smartphone users use their phone on a daily basis

84% of users use it for Internet Browsing

76% of users use it for email

2 out of 3 25-34 year olds own a smart phone

1 out of 2 35-44 year olds own a smart phone

1 out of 3 65+ year olds own a smart phone

We recently did a website analysis report for a client. There mobile usage year to date grew by 193%! I know I may have an occasional typo, but that is the right number 193%!

What’s your mobile strategy? If the answer is I don’t have one, I think you might have a new number one priority in your marketing strategy.

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