Facebook is jumpin jumpin…Part 2

For Social Media marketers, Facebook has a variety of advantages. Facebook connects “Fans” of your company page with their friends, allowing them to share information about your company and having that activity show up on their friends “wall feed.” “Wall Feeds” provide Facebook users with a quick rundown of what is going on in their network of friends. The rundown may include status updates, new photo posts, but the one marketers are hoping for is when a user becomes a Fan of their page.

As your “word of keyboard” grows on Facebook, it creates a funnel of traffic to your website or blog. Similar to Twitter, the sharing of links to helpful or interesting information is an integral part of the way users communicate with each other.

In addition to Fan pages and wall feeds, social media marketers can create highly personalized targeted display ads on Facebook. Unlike traditional mass media, Facebook ads allow companies to directly advertise to their key demographics based on gender, location, age and interests allowing for a much greater opportunity for a positive ROI.

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