An 815 in the 415

I’m turning today’s blog over to our Social Media Developer and SEO Content Manager, Ginny Hammes.

A hop, skip and a jump and I was on my way to SES San Francisco 2011.

I arrived hungry.  I was hungry for sushi, and hungry to embark on a week of pure geekology.  I had spent the last few months taking online courses, following blogs, online forums and other search engine optimization (SEO) gurus in order to consume as much as I possibly could of what search and social marketing had to offer all that we do here at MorningStar Media Group.

With an industry that’s constantly shape shifting like some sort of transformer, it should come as no surprise that topics of discussion covered everything under the media and marketing sun.  I made markings on the week’s agenda overview as if it were a game of Connect the Dots, carefully selecting which sessions to attend.

Starting the conference with a session presented by Bing, we discussed the faster way to make more informed decisions byway of strategic priorities — tasks, visual and social.  Switching search engines, but not gears, Google’s sponsored session offered additional information with plenty of tools; Google AdWords being a common favorite and one that’s implemented daily in the office.

The day wrapped up nicely with a few sponsored sessions, insider tips on ad optimization and an outline on how to branch all entities of your agency into one result — revenue.  With so much covered in one day, I could only imagine what the next two days would entail.  Media Consumption Per Day Pie Chart

There’s nothing like starting the morning off with a cup of pay per click advertising, especially when you hear that Google’s display network has 4.3 billion daily page views. Think this has anything to do with the fact that online media consumption per day is currently at a whopping 4 hours and 13 minutes?

Day two seemed to breeze on by with talk of killer Facebook targeting tactics, SEO competitive analysis and more.  The feeling of a kid in a candy store began to take hold of me, and it was only from self-discipline that I didn’t skip down the halls.

By day three, heels turned into flats and pencil skirts to jeans, but the buzz around conference members only heightened.  Talk of the latest tools, unreleased software and new-found insight could be heard throughout the levels of the Moscone West Conference Center, and my eager fingers couldn’t wait to tweet about it. Like a detective, I took down every bit of information to bring home with me.

All throughout the week I was exposed to the latest information, talked with the leading strategists and bounced ideas off of fellow attendees.  Although the conference came to an end, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to return home feeling ahead of the curve.

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