All Advertising Stinks

Yes, that’s right, you heard me correctly! All forms of advertising stinks! And to prove a point, I’m going to rant about the most common forms of advertising and why they each stink. Yup that’s right, call me Mr. Negative ad guy.

Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order of stinkiness.

Newspaper: Seriously? I even have to talk about this one. Fine. This one is an easy target. The industry is dealing with a rapidly aging audience and a steady decrease in readership/subscribers.

Radio: Come on, anyone heard of the Ipod or maybe satellite radio??? Oh wait, I know, what about those pesky cell phones??? Have you seen how many people drive and talk at the same time on the road these days. ((It’s bad enough I’m writing this from my touchscreen phone as I drive))).

Television: What are they up to now? 5000 channels??? Isn’t it all junk anyways??? Oh wait and what about that little thing called TIVO or the DVR, who watches commercials anymore???

Direct Mail: The last time I dared to open my mailbox, I had to use a wheelbarrow to carry the mail inside. And that was just for the credit card offers.

Websites/Internet: Come on the internet is just a fad. Yahoo, Google, Bing, AOL, Ask, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Weather, News, Sports, Fantasy Sports, Youtube, Email, Social Marketing…seriously where do you start and who has time for any of these things! Oh and don’t forget blogs! Why would anyone read a blog? A rant maybe? But a blog…

Whew, I feel a little better now. I’m glad I got that out of me.

So what do you do for your advertising? I would suggest a combination of the medias I just slammed above. At the end of the day, it all comes down to “How do I reach my core audience, the most times, with the best message, for the least amount of money?”

For my personal bias, I would say start with a website and a web strategy, and then evolve your marketing from there.

Mr. Negative.

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